GYEON VIEW Product Application

GYEON VIEW Product Application Product Application Guide: GYEON VIEW
By: Jeff McEachran @ GYEON Quartz USA | 4-24-18

Do you want more out of glass protection? Let's face it, improving your glass protection will not only improve your visibility during poor weather, it makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze! So now, let's change your VIEW on glass protection!

Product Review and Application

We all love our cars paint to bead water and evacuate contamination, but how about our glass? GYEON quartz Q² VIEW is a hydrophobic coating designed specifically for glass. It’s main goal is to increase visibility during poor weather conditions as it will evacuate rain water off the glass surface when traveling at speeds upwards of 30 mph.It will last up to 12 months on the windshield and up to 36 months on the side and rear glass.

It will also make regular cleaning of the glass fast and easy as contamination will not adhere to the surface. Lets walk through the step by step install instructions on this Porsche 911 Turbo S:

Always start with a perfectly clean glass surface using something like GYEON Q²M Glass.

In the Q² VIEW Kit you will find two bottles of product: CLEANSE and REPEL. CLEANSE is not only a pre cleaner but it is also a bonding agent between the glass and the Fluorine based REPEL. REPEL is responsible for the water beading and repellency.

Apply a moderate amount of CLEANSE to the Felt Faced Foam Block included in the Kit.

Spread out the product evenly by “dotting” it over ¼ of the Windshield. I like to split the Windshield in to for quadrants to make install easy and controlled. Once spread, begin to work the product in to the glass in either a straight line or circular motion. The goal here is to get CLEANSE well spread and absorbed in to the pores of the glass. The product will look thick and white at the beginning. It will dry quickly. Keep working CLEANSE until it nearly disappears.

Now, use 2 fresh and absorbent microfiber clothes to remove the excess CLEANSE. I prefer the GYEON quartz Q²M BaldWipe when working with glass. Wet the first towel completely and ring out the extra water. Leave the second dry. You’ll want to wipe the glass clean of all excess CLEANSE with the wet towel and then dry with the secondary towel. Make sure you look at the glass at many different angles to make sure all of the CLEANSE is removed.

Once you have CLEANSE worked in to all 4 quadrants of the glass, it is time for REPEL. REPEL is a Fluorine based coating that will evaporate out almost immediately upon contact with the glass. Do not go on heavy enough as to see a long trail or “layer” of product applied. You will overuse and it will be more difficult to wipe off the excess. Apply a moderate amount of REPEL to the Suede Applicator and Foam Block included in the kit. Apply to the glass in the same 4 quadrant method. I use a fast arm speed with REPEL and move the product quickly but evenly over the glass.

Wipe up any excess product immediately before moving on to the next quadrant.
Make sure to apply a bit of REPEL to the Windshield Wiper Blades as well. If we forget this step, they will jump around during use. Allow them to dry for 5-10 mins off of the glass once applied.

And that’s it! Allow the car to sit for 20 mins or so and reinspect the glass for any excess product and remove. Water will repel and bead like crazy and will move off the surface very quickly when driving above 30 mph.

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