GYEON RIM - Review and Application

GYEON RIM - Review and ApplicationProduct Application Guide: GYEON RIM
By: Jeff McEachran @ GYEON Quartz USA | 6-18-18

Your rims are on the front line and continuously battle some of the harshest contamination on the road. Aside from your standard road grime, the constant exposure to brake dust can cause irreversible damage. The solution is GYEON Rim..

Product Application

Applying a ceramic coating to your wheels does several things. First, it protects the wheels finish from harmful brake dust and road grime. Second, it adds a very nice gloss to painted wheels and will enrichen the color of matte or satin finished wheels leaving a very healthy look. Lastly, it makes the wheels very easy to clean as the surface will reject dirt and contaminant.

The last feature is the most impactful. It is the proper and regular cleaning of the wheels that keeps them looking their best for as long as possible. When wheels are difficult to clean, it is very easy to miss portions or leave contaminant in the tight cracks, especially on intricately designed wheels. With a coated surface that lets go of dirt and debris, the cleaning is easier and much more efficient. By completely removing the dirt from the wheels we are not allowing that contaminant to sit on the wheel surface and bond, where it damages and degrades the finish over time.

GYEON quartz Q RIM is very easy to apply. You can remove the wheel and apply to the entire surface, as well as any painted brake calipers. Or leave the wheel on the vehicle and coat just the faces.

The first, and most important step is the preparation of the surface to be coated. We need to make sure the wheel is extremely clean so that we have a direct bond between the coating and the wheel surface. It is highly recommended to perform a chemical decontamination with QM IRON and QM TAR.

Next is a thorough wipe down with GYEON quartz QM PREP. QM PREP will remove all of the lubricants and detergents from the chemical decontamination stage and leave an anti-static and clean surface on which to apply Q RIM.

Use a high quality and plush microfiber towel when wiping off QM PREP. It is very important that the towel absorbs the material we are intending to remove and pulls it off of the surface. Change towels often to ensure that we arent transferring material from one area to another.

Once the wheel is prepared, it is time to apply the coating. Q RIM wipes on and wipes off very easily. Use the included Suede Applicator Square and always wear nitrile gloves. You can also rubber band the Suede to a finger to reach tight areas.

Apply a generous amount of Q RIM to the Suede Applicator and apply it evenly on the wheels surface. I like to work a quarter of the wheel at a time, leaving the coating on the surface roughly 20-30 seconds before wiping off with a high quality microfiber like GYEON quartz QM SOFTWIPE. You can apply 2 layers if youd like. Wait at least one hour in between each layer.

Use a hand held light to identify any areas where you have not removed the coating completely.

Work your way around all 4 wheels in this manner and take your time. When finished, allow the coating to dry for at least 12 hours before driving and enjoy!

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