GYEON Q2 Trim Application Guide

GYEON Q2 Trim Application Guide

Ready to add a healthy satin look, easy cleaning, hydrophobic properties, and real protection to your cars plastics and trim?

GYEON Q Trim is a durable, single layer ceramic coating designed for all plastics and trim. This includes exterior plastics, engine bay plastics, interior plastics, and even headlamps and tail lamps.

The first step is to properly and thoroughly clean the trim to be coated. For this, GYEON QM Prep is perfect. Spray QM Prep liberally and directly on the plastic. Allow the product to dwell a moment in order to break down any contaminant and wipe clean with a high quality microfiber towel.

Once the plastic is clean, it is time to apply Q Trim. Apply a generous amount of product to the applicator suede and block. Work the coating in to the plastic in a crisscross or circular motion to achieve even coverage. Wait 20-30 seconds and wipe off any excess with a high quality microfiber.

And thats it! Q Trim can be used to protect new plastic, and even restore older plastic to a like new look. It will provide long term UV protection, great hydrophobic properties, and a healthy satin look.

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