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GYEON Pro Tip - QApplication Guide: GYEON Q2 Tire
By: Jeff McEachran @ GYEON Quartz USA | 7-21-20

We're sure you're tired of chasing after the ideal tire dressing. We'll, here it is, GYEON Q2 Tire. This SiO2 infused dressing delivers every aspect you've been searching for. Plus, learn how the pros use Q2 Tire form the leading GYEON expert, Jeff McEachran of GYEON Quartz USA!

GYEON Pro Tip: Q Tire

As detailers, one of the products we tend to chase forever is our favorite Tire Shine or Dressing. Well, GYEON has hit a home run with Q Tire. When properly applied, it delivers a healthy satin finish and long lasting performance.

GYEON Q Tire was the first SiO2 infused Tire Gel, developed years back in the GYEON line up. But it should not be treated like your run of the mill tire dressing, haphazardly wiped on after a wash. A properly cleaned and dry tire is a must. And a simple but effective tip will help you get the best results. Lets run through the proper application of GYEON Q Tire.

PRO TIP: Heat the walls of the tire to open the micropores and allow the best possible absorption of GYEON Q Tire in to the structure of the rubber for extended durability and performance.

Weve deep cleaned these Michelin Pilot Super Sports with GYEON QM TireCleaner. It took four rounds of cleaning before no more brown buildup appeared. So we are ready to apply Q Tire.

Using an electric heat gun, we warm up the wall of the tire. Keep the gun moving as to not damage the wheel or over heat the tire. When the rubber is warm to the touch, we can apply the protectant.

Here Im using a GYEON Foam Block, but any foam applicator will do. Apply a fair amount of the product to the applicator and work Q Tire in to the rubber. The more product you use, the more glossy the tire might look.

Allow Q Tire to dry on the rubber. You will see the finish turn more and more satin as it dries. For even more durability, apply a second but light layer over the first.

Thats it! You know have a properly cleaned and protected tire that will repel dirt and contaminant while looking great.

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