GYEON Leather Care And Protection

GYEON Leather Care And Protection

GYEON Leather Care And Protection

Product Application Guide: Leather Care & Protection
By: Jeff McEachran @ GYEON Quartz USA | 4-24-18

Get protection where you really need it, on your leather! While most people focus on trying to get the most out of gloss and paint protection, they forget that their interior needs protection too!

Leather Care And Protection

While we most often focus on the gloss and protection of the cars paint and other exterior finishes, the interior is just as important to maintain in terms of keeping your car in the best shape possible long term. The section that receives the most use and abuse is most likely your seats. GYEON quartz produces a full line of interior cleaners and protectants, but today lets discuss leather cleaning and protection.

Most new car leather is comprised of a synthetic blend that does not require the same “feeding" of oils and nutrients as the leather of old. To keep new age leather looking its best long term we need to firstly keep it clean, and secondly apply a protectant that will protect the surface from UV degradation, create a hydrophobic surface so that spills can be easily cleaned, and create a very slick surface to reduce abrasion as you enter and exit the vehicle. The 2 products we will explore today to serve this purpose are GYEON quartz Q²M LeatherCleaner and Q² LeatherCoat.

Q²M LeatherCleaner is the ultimate solution for cleaning and preparing leather upholstery for application of a quartz coating. It doesn't contain any softening additives and doesn't leave any residue that could possibly interfere with a quality quartz coating. Q²M LeatherCleaner leaves a fully matte finish and is suitable for all modern types of leather, being gentle yet effective. It can also be used on coated leather, not removing the coating and gently cleansing the surface.

Just one layer of Q² LeatherCoat ensures a high level of protection as the coating itself is hydrophobic and repels both liquids and dirt. It also provides strong protection against UV rays, allowing you to keep the freshness of colors for a long time, even in hot and sunny conditions. Q² LeatherCoat is designed to protect leather from dirt, sweat, and salt. Its hydrophobic properties and strong bonding to the surface help to protect against pollutants that may penetrate the structure of your seats.

So how do we do it?

First we want to make sure our Leather is clean with Q²M LeatherCleaner. Spray a moderate amount of product directly on to the leather seat. Enough where you see the product start to run down the surface, but as little so that you aren't soaking the seat.

Next we want to agitate the surface, releasing the trapped dirt and grime, and allowing it to be suspended in the Q²M LeatherCoat. I like to use a small leather brush for this, but a microfiber can be used as well. Agitate the surface lightly with the brush creating a nice lather to suspend the contaminants.

Now we want to remove the loose contaminant from the leather. It is very important to use a new and plush microfiber towel that will pick up and absorb the Q²M LeatherCleaner containing the emulsified dirt and debris. We want to gently move the microfiber in a straight line motion, allowing the towel to be used as a tool to absorb and remove the debris. We do not want to move the towel in a back and forth or circular motion as we would just rub the contaminant right back in to the leather.

Once the leather is clean, we can move on to protecting it with Q² LeatherCoat. Q² LeatherCoat is extremely easy to use and will leave a slick matte finish. Simply spray one or two sprays in to a plush microfiber towel and work in to the seats.

And that's it! Your leather is now clean. It is now protected from UV damage. Liquid spills will bead and not absorb as quickly in to the leather allowing for easy cleanup. And the leather will be extremely slick. It is this slickness that keeps bolsters and the entry/exit areas that we rub against from deteriorating and splitting over time.

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