Griots Garage Track Spray

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Griots Garage Track Spray is the perfect way to clean our vehicle quickly after a day at the track. This specially formulated thick spray clings to surfaces including rockers and wheel wells so that it can dissolve rubber marks better than other thin, runny cleaners can. Griots Garage Track Spray contains advanced proprietary cleansers that safely and effectively remove the grime you pick up after a day on the track! Going to the track offers a day of excitement and fun, but the aftermath can be less than desirable. Racing around on that asphalt does two things: it makes your adrenaline flow, and it embeds rubber into your paint! Figuring out the safest and easiest way to remove rubber from your vehicle's exterior surfaces is priority one after race day. That's where Griots Garage Track Spray comes in handy. It removes rubber without inflicting any damage, and it does it with less effort than your average cleaner! Griots Garage Track Spray is perfect for removing rubber particles from virtually every exterior surface on your vehicle. Use it on wheel wells, rocker panels, and anywhere else that pesky flying rubber particles have landed. While the typical heavy cleaners used for this sort of job can be harmful, Griots Garage Track Spray is completely safe thanks to advanced proprietary cleaning agents! Use it after the track, and for any other plastic scuffs like from road cones or shopping cart bumpers. Griots Garage Track Spray makes cleaning rubber easier than ever before! 22 oz.
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