Griots Garage Microfiber Edgeless Utility Towels - 50 Pack

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Soft microfiber is tough enough for dirty jobs, yet fine enough for delicate surfaces

Lint-free, edgeless design eliminates potentially rough stitching and makes for quicker absorption

Light grey towel presents less risk of color transfer when used with chemicals

Machine washable for easy care and a long working life.

All the utility towels youíll need!

The Griotís Garage Microfiber Utility Towels are the perfect sidekick to keep on your detailing cart. Built to handle a wide array of detailing tasks, these ultra-soft edgeless towels will tackle everything from dirty door jambs to compound and wax removal. The Griotís Garage Microfiber Utility Towels are absorbent, paint safe towels that can even be used on interior task. The tight, densely woven 265 GSM fibers make this towel snappy and easy to handle across multiple surfaces. Sized at 12Ē x 12Ē, the Griotís Garage Microfiber Utility Towels fit perfectly in your hand to make cleaning and detailing are more pleasurable experience.

The best part? The value! This massive pack of microfibers delivers you an excellent value at just under a $1 per towel! While that may seem cheap, you wonít have to worry about pre-mature wear. The Griotís Garage Microfiber Utility Towels are designed for hundreds of washes and to provide the longest working life. Period.

12" x 12" - 50 Per Pack

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