Griots Garage Tar and Sap Remover - 22 oz.

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d-Limonene solvent base quickly dissolves oil-based and organic contamination

Powerful professional-strength solvent blend

Removes stubborn road tar, grease, asphalt, and tree sap

Safe on clear coats, most plastics, wheels, and chrome

Time to say goodbye to stubborn tar and sap!

Griotís Garage Tar & Sap Remover is a revolutionary solution to the worst contamination your vehicle will encounter. Griotís Garage Tar & Sap Remover is formulated with a unique blend of d-Limonene, solvents, and surfactants to soften and dissolve the worst of the worst. Quickly remove stubborn road tar, grease, asphalt, and tree sap on nearly every exterior surface. This citric solvent is suitable for rocker panels, wheel wells, wheels, fenders, paint, glass, plastic, and chrome! Griotís Garage Tar & Sap Remover leaves no contamination, and no residue behind. This powerful, professional-strength cleaner is extremely user friendly. Simply spray on, let dwell, and wipe away. Iím sure you never thought tar removal could be so easy!

Whatís the best way to remove road tar?

While there are a few more physical ways to remover surface contamination such as tar, using a dedicated chemical cleaner is the best way. Products like Griotís Garage Tar & Sap Remover are based on solvents, surfactants, and citrus agents to soften hard contamination and loosen its grip. Griotís Garage Tar & Sap Remover uses a d-Limonene additive to harness more cleaning power while remaining safe for most surfaces.

How to remove tar with Griotís Garage Tar & Sap Remover

  1. Shake well. For best results, pre-wash vehicle and dry to remove lighter contaminants.
  2. On a cool, dry surface, spray a liberal amount of Griotís Garage Tar & Sap Remover on the impacted area.
  3. Allow to dwell for up to 2 minutes. Do not allow to dry on the surface.
  4. Gently wipe up reside with a clean microfiber towel and buff to a clean finish.

PRO TIP: Use a paint safe bug and tar pad, such as the Pinnacle Safe Scrub, to maximize cleaning power.

Please Note: This will diminish standard waxes and sealants but will not adversely affect ceramic coatings. Always test in an inconspicuous area to ensure surface compatibility.

22 oz.

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