Griots Garage Ceramic Trim Wipes

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Extremely durable ceramic protection in an easy to apply wipe

ASTM tested up to 200 washes or 2 years of durability

Extreme UV and stain resistance

Each wipe can treat up to 20 square feet Ė 4 wipes per kit

Wipe on dark, ceramic perfection!

Griotís Garage Ceramic Trim Wipes is a simple and highly effective solution to a faded black trim. In place of patching over the problem with cheap silicones that only last a few weeks, Griotís teamed up with Cerakote Ceramics to deliver a serious solution for faded trim. Griotís Garage Ceramic Trim Wipes features incredible UV resistance and can protect your trim from degradation for up to 2 years! Griotís Garage Ceramic Trim Wipes are simple and easy to use and require no heavy prep work. Each Griotís Garage Ceramic Trim Wipe can cover up to 20 square feet of trim and even includes a glove to ensure you donít coat your own hand! And thatís for the best since you would have to wash it around 200 times to get this level of protection off!

RESTORE! Bring back that dark luster to your plastic trim!
Donít keep ďsolvingĒ the same problem every few weeks! Most trim restoration products on the market only cover the problem with cheap silicones. They look great right after application, but thatís just about how long they last. Griotís Garage Ceramic Trim Wipes restores the look of faded trim while sealing it in a shell of ceramic protection!

PROTECTS! Simultaneously add ceramic protection to your trim and keep it looking clean!
Many trim restoration products are only designed for one thing Ė restoration. This leaves that freshly restored trim to face the elements alone; again. Griotís Garage Ceramic Trim Wipes leaves a durable layer of Cerakote Ceramic protection behind the shield your trim from harsh UV rays and other contamination that will degrade its appearance. Griotís Garage Ceramic Trim Wipes will protect for up to 2 years or up to 200 washes!

EASY! You donít need a degree or special training for this one. Simply wash, dry, and apply!
Put away your lab coat, you wonít be needing it. Griotís Garage Ceramic Trim Wipes isnít a product that you need an engineering degree to use. The simple wash, dry, and apply method of this product makes it ideal for the DIY detailer, or just about anyone who wants fresh, black trim! Each wipe covers up to 20 square feet and each kit includes for wipes. Thatís up to 80 square feet of ceramic trim protection in each kit!

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