Griots Garage Car Wash Refill Kit

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Washing is the most important step in paint preservation, yet many people settle for any ol' car soap or even dish detergent! The truth is, the quality of your car wash has a huge impact on the overall condition of the paint. Cleanse and protect your paint with Griot's Garage Car Wash.

The first thing you'll notice is how slippery Griot's Garage Car Wash feels between your wash mitt and the paint. This is an important characteristic of Griot's Garage Car Wash and contributes to its ability to lift away contaminants while protecting the finish during your washing session. The thick foam and pleasant scent make you feel like you're pampering your vehicle and, with Griot's, you are!

Micro-Chenille microfiber wash mitts are nonabrasives.Griot's Garage Car Wash is gentle on your wax, yet removes more dirt and road grime than your average car shampoo. Griot's Garage Car Wash is safe for all paints. A unique measuring scale right on the label and an easy-pour spout reduce waste.

The Supreme Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt is 11 x 8 inches with longer microfiber strands to cover more area. You'll be able to work faster, and the long, plump microfibers will hold even more soapy water for superior lubrication. The microfiber fingers agitate the vehicle's surface to release dirt particles and gather them between the deep strands. Loosened dirt will gather in the mitt, rather than being rubbed against the paint. Note: For the best results, rinse your mitt in a bucket of water before reloading it with soapy water.

Use the Guzzler microfiber drying towel to dry your vehicle after using Griot's Garage Car Wash.Once your vehicle is clean, use the included Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Towel to safely soak up water and whisk away mineral deposits. The 16 x 24 inch Guzzler is a soft, plush waffle weave towel with a strip of silky soft satin sewn around the edges to cover the exposed stitching. The towel can absorb 7 times its own weight in water! In fact, this towel is 20% plusher than our original waffle weave towelsto give it an even greater capacity for moisture! It will not scratch any surface and it has a magnetic charge that attracts lint and dirt. This towel will leave the inside and the outside of your vehicle spotless!

The Griot's Garage Car Wash Refill Kit gives you more of your favorite car shampoo so you can keep all your vehicles clean and shiny. With the Guzzler Waffle Weave Towel, they'll be spot-free, too!

Kit includes: 
16 oz. Griot's Garage Car Wash
128 oz. Griot's Garage Car Wash
16 x 24 inch Cobra Guzzler Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towel
Supreme Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt

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