Griots Garage Foaming Poly Gloss

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Hydrophobic polymers enhance gloss, surface slickness, and protection

Extends the lifespan of existing waxes, sealants, and coatings

Foam can dwell for up to 3 minutes, depending on weather conditions

Polymers deliver fast drying and anti-static properties for a long lasting clean


Add hydrophobic protection and get more miles out of your shine by test driving this leading edge polymeric snow foam.

Foaming Poly Gloss delivers superior paint protection, intense gloss, and remarkable water repellency. Its dense, clinging suds contain hydrophobic polymers that enhance and protect all exterior surfaces including: paint, glass, trim, chrome, wheels, and more. Foaming Poly Gloss also increases the hydrophobic properties of existing waxes, sealants, and coatings while also delivering fast drying and anti-static properties that help keep your ride lean longer. It's also a great way to protect components that typically go un-waxed like grilles, aluminum and plastic trim, mirrors, wheels, and windows. You've created that flawless finish that we all crave, use Foaming Poly Gloss to seal the deal.

35 oz. Bottle

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