Griots Garage Ceramic Glass Cleaner - 22 oz.

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You'll never think about glass cleaners the same.

Redefine the way you clean glass with Griot's Garage Ceramic Glass Cleaner! Crafted with a blend of Silane polymers and SiO2, Griot's Garage Ceramic Glass Cleaner does double duty when it comes to glass care. First, the unique formulation cuts through road film and grime to product a streak free finish. Then, it leaves a layer of hydrophobic protection behind. Utilizing SiO2, the active ingredient in most ceramic coatings, Griot's Garage Ceramic Glass Cleaner products a high-surface tension on the glass to repel water and improve visibility during rainy road conditions!

CLEANING ACTION! Powerful cleaners rid your glass of dirt and grime!
Don't be fooled, Griot's Garage Ceramic Glass Cleaner isn't just another product infused with SiO2. It contains a special blend of polymers and SiO2 to combine powerful cleaning action with protective properties. Quickly remove miles of road grime, dirt, and more with the same simple process you use to clean glass.

PROTECTION ACTION! Ceramic elements provide hydrophobic protection!
Do more than just clean your glass! Griot's Garage Ceramic Glass Cleaner is designed to layer you glass in hydrophobic protection. Not only will this help reduce road grime from sticking to your glass, it also improves visibility during rainy road conditions. This reduces the need for windshield wipers helps ensure you have a clear view when the roads are wet.

PERFECT MAINTENANCE! Maintain your glass protection every time you clean it!
As we all know, protection won't last forever. However, you can make sure you get the most out of your protection with proper maintenance. Griot's Garage Ceramic Glass Cleaner does double duty in each application. It cleans the surface, then leaves a layer of SiO2 based protection behind. This boosts the performance of you protection and helps ensure a long, hydrophobic lifespan!

22 oz.

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