18 oz. Four Star Wheel Cleaner Gel

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Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel utilizes the latest cleaning technology to clean the dirtiest surfaces without harsh chemical solvents or acids. Traditional spray-on, hose-off wheel cleaners contain chemicals that literally strip grime off the wheel, along with any coatings. Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel's water-based surfactant formula cleans all types of wheels safely.

Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel works by surrounding and encapsulating grime so it can be rinsed away. Because this cleaner is not a one-step acid-based cleaner, it does require some light agitation with a soft-bristled brush to really clean the wheel surface. No hard scrubbing is required and the cleaner will not spot polished metals.

Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel meets all California VOC standards and has no harsh fumes.

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