Speed Master Foam Pad Conditioning Brush

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Foam Pad Conditioning Brush

The Edge Foam Pad Conditioning Brush removes excess, caked polish from pads.

Angled handle for maximum leverage while scrubbing pads.

Foam buffing pads become caked with wax and polish after just one use. Use the Speed Master Foam Pad Conditioning Brush removes excess, caked polish and restores the usable texture to your foam pads in seconds.

To use, hold the buffer pad side up and place the brush on the pad as it spins. The brush will quickly clean the pad and restore its texture so you can keep buffing.

The Speed Master Foam Pad Conditioning Brush can be used on wool pads too!

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By Tyler
Gibsonia, PA
Great for cleaning pads during polishing
August 31, 2022
I do not have a compressed air setup to clean pads, this has been great to clean pad mid panel before cleaning for next use. Highly recommend as a quick and easy tool to have when paint correcting.
By Alexander
Long Beach, CA
Works well enough
June 20, 2020
Does a decent job of cleaning pads, but doesn't do a great job. But for anyone enthusiast, it's fine enough.
  • Gets most the debris off the pads
  • Large size, very ergonomic
  • Doesn't get all the debris off, but does get most
By Randolph
It works.
February 19, 2019
Ergonomically designed to save you time and hand fatigue.
  • Better than using a toothbrush.
  • Price.
By BSoares
It's a brush that works
May 15, 2017
It's a simple brush but the shape makes it easy to clean pads while spinning them on the DA. Should last a while. Useful if you don't have compressed air at the site where you're detailing.
By Christian
Oviedo, FL
Really works
October 12, 2016
This little tool is a time saver! Great buy!
By Raymond
quick cleaning
September 17, 2016
Great for quickly cleaning your pad so you can get back to work! a bit pricey for what is pretty much a plastic brush, but it comes with many kits on Autopia.
By Jaime
Visalia, CA
Good addition
September 8, 2015
New to detailing and needed a way to clean pads to keep them at there best while " cleaning on the fly" there is another method using a microfiber towel but seemed like it would be to aggressive on you're hands. The brush is much bigger then I thought such was good, it cleans my pads on my DA polisher foam pads fine. I was afraid it would be too stiff and destroy the foam pads but it didn't cause any damage. I use it every half panel. Fits in the pocket and the angle does help keep hands away from a spinning pad. Bright color makes it easy to find
  • Bright color makes it easy to find. Looks like it will last forever and easy to clean
  • pricey but well built
By Aaron
Arlington, TX
Nice brush!
July 29, 2014
This is a great brush for cleaning foam pads. The bristles are stiff and the odd shaped handle is functional.
  • Handle shape
  • Stiff bristles
  • Expensive
By Neilson
Alexandria, Louisiana
great brush for pad cleaning
March 3, 2014
makes cleaning your pads a lot easier. stiff bristles I use it daily to lightly brush product out of the pad using wolfgang pad cleaner.
  • pad cleaning easier
  • none
By Chris
Simply works
April 18, 2012
Now your many will think why spend $13 on a brush, when maybe a toothbrush may work Ok. Thing is a toothbrush bristle aren't strong enough to clean your pad while your DA is spinning around. This foam pad brush also has a bend to it so you don't scrap your kneels on the spinning pad (as with the toothbrush method) - I've had it happen...not pleasent. This brush provides a much better deep down cleaning than a normal brush will.

I know you've thought after cleaning your pads that you felt like you could have gotten the pad just a little cleaner...this foam pad conditioning brush does that!
  • Provides a deeper cleaning.
  • Price (should be around $6-7).
  • 1 star off for price.