Will Your Wheel Protectant Survive the Harsh Winter

Will Your Wheel Protectant Survive the Harsh WinterWill Your Wheel Protectant Survive the Harsh Winter? - Review of Durable Winter Tire & Wheel Protection
By: Will C. @ Autopia | 11-20-2019
Regardless of the season, your wheels will always be dealing with the brunt of the contamination on the road. And, as you might suspect, winter is the worst season for your wheels. In light of this situation weíll discuss a few products that will give you the most durable protection and the best longevity for the time of the year!

Road conditions during winter are brutal on your wheels & tires. Consider this, during the spring or summer you deal with road contamination such as dirt, tar, road grime, the brake dust fallout from simply stopping at a red light. In winter you deal with all of this, and, road salts and brine. If youíre not familiar with brine, itís a chemical variation of rock salt and magnesium. This mixture is 100% effective on preventing roads from icing over, unfortunately is also 100% effective on eating away at your vehicle as well! Thankfully, we have some quality products that we can use to prevent this harsh contaminate from gnawing away at our vehicle!

Tire Protection:

As many of us know, tires are a porous material. Allowing contamination to work its way into the tire can cause a few issues. This will end up reducing its appearance along with decreasing the lifespan of the tire. Unkempt tires can start to rot from UV damage or harmful contamination. Obviously, one of the best solutions to this would be a solid protectant.

In the winter months we need something truly durable. Thankfully coatings have evolved past just paint and we now have durable and flexible tire coatings, such as the Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear Coat. This water-based coating is designed to provide a physical layer of protection over your tire that last for months, not weeks. While the application of a product like this will require diligent prep work and a little more time on application, the benefits of this will last until itís warm again!

Directions for Use:
Before application, tires must be extremely clean. Clean using the Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner. The Gel Tire Cleaner will remove all previously applied dressings and will allow the Tire Clear Coat to form a bond to the tire sidewall. Allow tires to fully dry.

Dispense a nickel-sized dollop to a foam tire applicator and smooth evenly along the sidewall of the tire. Allow the Tire Clear Coat to dry for 30-60 minutes between coats, if desired.

Important: Always wear nitrile gloves. Apply to white letters and whitewalls first and allow to dry completely before coating the rest of the tire.

Wheel Protection:

Tire protection is an important step for winter, but not nearly as crucial as wheel protection. Mainly because this will a much more expensive replacement if neglected. Many people reach for paint sealants or wheel waxes for this step but are once again left with a limited product lifespan. This isnít so bad in most situations, but not in winter. I canít think of anyone that would prefer to go out in the freezing cold to reapply protection! Once again, Pinnacle Black Label has a solution that will fend off contamination and keep you wheels looking perfect in the process.

Pinnacle Black Label Wheel Coating was formulated using unique nano-glass ceramic particles to encase you wheels in a protective shell, similar to a sci-fi force field. However, this isnít fiction. Pinnacle Black Label Wheel Coating is rated for up to 18 months of protection and is safe for all wheel types! Of course, as with any coating, youíll be spending some extra time prepping a applying; but that trade off will keep you from reapplying sealant in the snow!

Directions for Use:
Ensure surface is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.

Thoroughly clean each wheel first using Pinnacle Clear Coat Safe Wheel Cleaner.

Polish wheels with Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish

Spray Diamond Wheel Coating directly onto a Gold Wax Finger Pocket and evenly distribute over the wheel.

Work the coating into the surface until it disappears.

Lightly buff with a clean, soft, lint-free microfiber towel.

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