Topical Glass Polishing with Diamondite Glass Polish

Topical Glass Polishing with Diamondite Glass Polish

After so many miles, a glass cleaner just won’t cut it. Road grime leaves a stubborn film of dirt and oils that even the best glass cleaners will struggle with. Part of your normal maintenance should be caring for the glass with a dedicated glass polish, like Diamondite Glass Polish.

Diamondite Glass Polish is a unique topical glass polish that contains a mix of cleaners and abrasives to remove the contamination cocktail that’s clinging to your glass. Being a topical polish, Diamondite Glass Polish can tackle a plethora of glass problems like water spots, bug guts, tar, bonded or impacted dirt, and most other contamination that clouds your view. While this product is focused on exterior use, it also performs well on the other side of the glass to remove smoker’s film or vinyl fogging.

Now you may be asking – “What is the best way to use something like Diamondite Glass Polish?” or “Do I need any special skills or tools?”, and this is one of my favorite features of Diamondite Glass Polish. You can use it just how you need it! Diamondite Glass Polish can be used by hand or machine depending on the task you need the product to perform. And, to show you just how simple this is, we’ll be doing it together on this 2014 F350. This truck has plenty of highway miles on it as well as a buildup of salt deposits from its ocean-side parking spot.

Like any other abrasive-based product, you’ll always see the best results when working by machine. And if you’re working with a neglected windshield with built up grime, this will be the fastest and most effective method.

By Machine:
Prime a light cutting or polishing pad with a few pea-sized drops of product and work it into the face of the pad. Follow this with a few more drops of “working” product and apply it to the surface. Using light to medium pressure and with your machine set on a high setting of 5 or 6, start working the product in standard section passes. After several passes, inspect the surface to see if more polishing is required.

Action Shot Action Shot
Action Shot Action Shot

By Hand:
Using a dedicated foam hand applicator, apply several pea-sized drops of product on the pad. Apply the product over a small, controlled area and vigorously work the product on the surface. Simply continue this method until contamination has been removed, applying more product as needed.

Once you’ve polished the contamination off the surface, reach for Diamondite Glass Cleaner. Apply a liberal amount of cleaner on the glass and follow up with a dedicated glass towel. This will remove any residue left over from the glass cleaner.

Action Shot Action Shot

Now that the job is complete, all that’s left is to pick high-quality protectant for your glass and enjoy your new view of the road ahead!

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