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Start polishing right away with the Cyclo Intro Kit!

Cyclo Intro Kit is the perfect starter kit for new Cyclo users

Perfect for car polishing and shine enhancement.

The Cyclo Orbital Polisher has been polishing planes, automobiles, and RVs since 1953

Free for a limited time! Receive a 2 pack of Cyclo ProGuard Orbital Backing Plates when you purchase this Cyclo Orbital Polisher kit. A $39.99 value.

The Cyclo Intro Kit lets you hit the ground running with your new Cyclo Polisher. The kit includes two blue pads to be used for general polishing and shine enhancement. Rather than buying your polisher and pads a la carte, you can get them together in this money-saving package. Take your new Cyclo Polisher for a spin!

The Cyclo Intro Kit includes:

Cyclo Orbital Polisher with VES™
The Cyclo Polisher has two orbiting heads that move in an orbital motion, counter-clockwise. The idea is to simulate hand polishing but at a much faster rate. Going over a scratch or swirl with both heads ensures that you are attacking it from all sides, so to speak. No matter what angle you look at the paint, it will look flawless!

The Vibration Elimination System (VES™) is available exclusively on Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polishers. This system is composed of a counterweight and precision matched, weighted inserts. VES™ nearly eliminates the amount of vibration felt by the operator. This drastic reduction in vibration lessens muscle and joint fatigue for the operator. The counterweights are pre-installed on the Cyclo and weighted inserts are included.

2 Cyclo ProGuard Orbital Backing Plates
The ProGuard Orbital Backing Plate features a plate-integrated hook field unlike other backing plates. Low profile for improved control and a non-marking bumper for safe operation. The advanced design ensures against delamination, allows for faster pad centering, and is perfect for quick and easy pad changes.

2 Cyclo Deluxe 4 inch Blue Polishing Pads
The blue foam pad is the perfect pad for light polishing on any surface. Use it to apply wax for a fine gloss finish, or use it with a light finishing polish or prewax cleaner. The blue pad has slightly more texture than the white pad.

Kit includes:
Cyclo Orbital Polisher with VES™
2 Cyclo ProGuard Orbital Backing Plates
2 Cyclo Deluxe 4 inch Blue Finishing Pads

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