CARPRO Denim Orange Peel Removal Pad - 3 Inches

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CARPRO continues their reputation for innovation with the CARPRO Denim Orange Peel Removal Pad. Orange Peel is used to describe paint that has a bumpy texture which resembles the skin of an orange. Removing orange peel previously required an aggressive sanding of the paint using several grits of sandpaper followed by multiple polishing steps to remove the sanding scratches and restore gloss. The CARPRO Denim Orange Peel Removal Pad combines the leveling ability of sandpaper with the polishing ability of a compound. It eliminates the bumpy texture from paint while polishing at the same time. The CARPRO Denim Orange Peel Removal Pad is one of two new pads designed to remove orange peel. The other pad- The CARPRO Velvet Orange Peel Removal Pad- is less aggressive and ideal for thin, factory applied paint jobs. This pad, the Car Pro Denim Orange Peel Removal Pad, is rated at 2000 grit and quickly removes severe orange peel common on refinished paints. Either pad will polish the paint as it removes orange peel requiring only one or two additional polishing steps to create level paint that reflects accurately. Achieving maximum gloss and having sharp reflections is a factory of the paint's smoothness. Orange peel greatly reduces your paint's ability to shine by deflecting, instead of reflecting, light. Your paint's reflections will appear dull, lifeless and blurry. Traditional orange peel removal requires sawing away the bumps with various grades of sand paper which creates a smooth matte finish riddled with scratches This requires many steps of compounding and polishing to restore gloss. When sanding paint you move backwards to move forward. The CARPRO Denim Orange Peel Removal pad flattens orange peel without creating the need for additional sanding steps and multiple polishing steps. It allows you to continue to move forward towards a perfect shine. Use the CARPRO Denim Orange Peel Removal Pad with your favorite polishing compound on severely textured aftermarket paint jobs. This is an aggressive, professional grade tool which requires knowledge of paint systems and advanced paint correction techniques to use effectively. CARPRO Denim Orange Peel Removal Pads measure 3 inches in diameter and feature a hook and loop backing for fast attachment to 3 inch backing plates. They are designed for rotary use only.



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