BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator - 13 oz. Aerosol

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  • BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator - 13 oz. Aerosol
  • BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator - 13 oz. Aerosol
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See ya' smokey

BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator rids your interior of what may seem like an everlasting odor, smoke. Whether its cigarettes or cigars, smoke smell is one of the most troublesome orders to remove. At least until now. BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator easily removes the lingering smoke smell on a molecular level and replaces the foul odor with a rich mountain coffee smell. BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator requires no tools or special training to use, just a simply sweeping spray is all the directions call for!

RICH FRAGRANCE! Swap that musty smoke smell out for a refreshing mountain coffee scent!
Nothing is more embarrassing then picking up a passenger with a car the smells like an ashtray. Or even worse, reminding yourself of your past smoking habit. Swap that scent with a fresh mountain coffee fragrance and start enjoying the drive again!

HIGHLY CONCENTRATED! – The powerful concentration easily removes foul smoke odors.
You won't need to empty the bottle to rid your car of those unpleasant odors. The concentrated formulation of BLACKFIRE Smoke eliminator only requires minimal application in most scenarios!

SIMPLE APPLICATION! Just a simple mist is all that you need to reset the scent!
No fancy stuff here. Just lay down a fine mist and let BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator do the work. By spraying the product in a slow, sweeping patten; you lay down an even layer for optimal performance.


  • Shake well before use.
  • If treating fabric, first test an inconspicuous area for colorfastness.
  • Spray using a slow, sweeping motion across the surface being treated.
  • Do not spray directly onto painted surfaces.
  • BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator will eliminate odors on contact, but depending on the severity of the contamination, multiple applications may be necessary for complete removal.

13 oz. Aerosol

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