BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate

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Pure. Concentrated. Hydrophobic bliss!

BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate is an immensely powerful concertation of the BLACKFIRE HyrdoSeal. With a dilution ratio of 1:7, it only takes 4 oz. to create 32 oz. of ready to use BLACKFIRE HydroSeal! Whether you are looking to turn a bigger profit on a job, or you're just a savvy shopper, BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate is a value you cannot ignore. Aside from just the value of concentration, you save something even more valuable, time!

BLACKFIRE HydroSeal redefines what simple product application truly is. Just spray on and rinse off, that's it. In a matter of minutes, you can coat your car with durable SiO2 protection! BLACKFIRE HydroSeal was developed to meet to needs of everyone's greatest restriction, time! By the time you've washed, dried, and waxed your car, hours have passed and the day is more than likely over! BLACKFIRE HydroSeal condenses the hours long process by using water as to transport and activate its advanced protection.

BLACKFIRE HydroSeal may be simple and easy to apply but it doesn't compromise protection to accomplish that. BLACKFIRE achieved this goal with the utilization of silicon dioxide, an active ingredient is many ceramic coatings. By taking this key ingredient and manipulating the formulation, BLACKFIRE created a durable protection that saves countless hours of application.

Directions for Use:

  • Dilute accordingly.
  • Wash entire vehicle but do NOT dry - HydroSeal Concentrate is applied to wet surfaces!
  • After rinsing away your car wash, simply spray HydroSeal Concentrate directly onto the surface to be treated and immediately rinse away with your hose using a strong jet of water.
  • Continue around the vehicle working one panel at a time.
  • Following best practices, be sure to dry once completed.

4 oz. concentrate

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