BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant - Application Guide

BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant - Application Guide

BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant - Application Guide

BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant - Product Review & Application Guide
By: Will C. @ Autopia | 11-13-2019
Today, we're going to talk about how BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant can play a key role in preserving your interior from moisture damage. BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant lays down a shield from snow, rain, mud and even the coffee that keeps your engine running! Have you ever priced having your interior redone at an upholstery shop? I'll save you the time, it's expensive! Slush from snow or mud can work its way deep into your fabrics causing mildew to start festering in your beloved vehicle. Even if you successfully remove the mildew, it will still leave a stain forever reminding you of what happened.

What is BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant?

BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant is a non-silicone based formula designed to protect your vehicle's fabric surfaces – including your carpet car mats, fabric door panels, and even your dashboard's protective Covercraft DashMat! By creating a “water-tight" seal, BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant protects your fabric surfaces from dust, dirt, grime, mud, and more! The simple spray and dry application makes protecting your interior a breeze and keeps your fabrics protected for months to come!

Product Application

PRO TIP: When working with fabric, always test the product on an inconspicuous area to test for color fasting. While it's highly unlikely that you would experience this, there are thousands of different material blends in the automotive market and it's nearly impossible to account for all of them.

As with every other protection product, make sure you are working on fully cleaned and dry surface. Before starting the application, check to make sure you have the sprayer set on the fan or mist setting as opposed to the single squirt line. This setting allows for the product to be atomized better and provides a light, even mist over the fabric.

While misting, be sure to not to over saturate the material. You only need enough to ensure full, even coverage.

Now, start working BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant into the surface while wearing protective gloves. This product isn't harmful, be it certainly isn't a hand moisturizer either! I work with one glove on and my other hand misting product. This helps me quickly move from section to section while still ensuring I have fully covered the area.

Be sure to have a clean microfiber towel on hand to wipe off any overspray from handles or other non-fabric materials. BLACKFIRE Fabric Protect won't cause any harm, however it's much easier to wipe off fresh product compared to cured product!

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