BLACKFIRE Complete Wheel and Tire Kit

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The complete answer to wheel and tire care!

The BLACKFIRE Complete Tire & Wheel Kit covers everything you need to wash miles worth of brake dust and grime! Handpicked to match powerful cleaners with the best tools to get the job done!

BLACKFIRE Tire & Wheel Cleaner is an advanced, surface-safe formula that cleans painted, chrome, polished aluminum, and anodized wheels. It cleans the most delicate wheel surfaces without staining or dulling wheel finishes. BLACKFIRE Tire & Wheel Cleaner works just as effectively on tires, releasing brake dust and dirt buildup from the rubber. It's the only tire and wheel cleaner you need.

BLACKFIRE Tire Gel darkens and conditions rubber to restore the look of new tires. This water-based tire dressing provides a natural, matte look with one coat or a high gloss finish with two coats. UV inhibitors and polymers protect tires to maintain their color and flexibility. BLACKFIRE Tire Gel provides the concours look that complements any vehicle. BLACKFIRE Tire Gel stays where you put it for easy, neat application.

Montana Original Boar's Hair 8 inch Wheel Brush is a short 8 inch brush that gives you excellent leverage to loosen baked-on brake dust on wheels. You can also use it to clean metal mirror casings and metal bumpers – places where bugs accumulate. The short, thick bristles will safely remove the grime without scratching delicate metals.

The Speed Master Wheel Brush is the most advanced wheel detailing brush today! Built for quick, effective cleaning of all wheels, the Speed Master Wheel Brush has a state-of-the-art design that cleans any wheel surface and any wheel design – without scratching! Brake dust beware! There's nowhere to hide from the Speed Master Wheel Brush.

The Speed Master Tire Scrub Brush is an ideal matchup for heavily contaminated tires that need a deeper cleaning. The Speed Master Tire Scrub Brush is made with medium coarse plastic fibers to scrub through the toughest contamination! Those powerful bristles paired with a curved base and ergonomic handle will provide more power to your favorite wheel cleaner.

Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel, 16 x 16 inches just like any other surface on your vehicle, wheels are subject to water spots. The Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel is a perfect choice for towel-drying wheels to prevent water spots. You can also use it to buff wheels after polishing. The microfiber will grab polish residue and any remaining brake dust so your wheels look spotless.

Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicator Less mess is the goal when it comes to applying tire dressings. Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators feature Flex Foam Technology™ which hugs the curve of the rubber to apply an even coat of tire dressing with no drips or pooling. Each applicator is 5 x 2 inches. The open-cell, gray foam absorbs excess tire dressing to prevent drips and pooling around letters.

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