Application Guide - BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Black Edition

Application Guide - BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Black Edition

Looking for a more durable option for paint protection? Or, maybe you just want something stronger to protect your soft, susceptible-to-swirls paint. BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Black Edition is an answer to both! BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Black Edition contains a high concentration of silicone dioxide that encases your paint in a hard, durable layer of protection that lasts up to 5 years! Yeah, you won’t find a wax that can do that! What normally prevents many people from making the leap from waxes and sealants to a paint coating is the application. Yes, it does require time and involves a few extra steps, but the reward for that investment is tenfold. A traditional carnauba wax will only last an average of 3 months. BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Black Edition protection period? 60 months! When it comes to applying BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Black Edition preparation is the key to success. Let’s walk through the stages of application and show you how friendly this professional grade coating can be!

As with any paint protection, you want to start with a clean slate. Ensure that you have washed, decontaminated, and polished out any imperfections in the paint. If you need some guidance on any of these steps, just swing by our How-To page or our Detailers Reflections page for detailed guides on each of those processes.

While you may have cleaned and polished every painted panel on your vehicle, we still need to prep. BLACKFIRE Paint Prep is designed to remove anything left behind from the previous cleaning and polishing stages to ensure a full bond to the paint. This includes any traces of polishing oils or protectants that would interfere with the bond. Just as you would use a waterless wash, liberally spray the panel and start wiping in a straight movement and pulling up and away from the paint. Wiping in a circular motion increases the chance that you will leave something behind!

Another important aspect in this stage of the application is the choice of towels, and how many you use. Soft towels with a deeper nap are the ideal choice. You want to pull what’s on the paint off and into the towel without leaving any wiping marks (which soft paints are especially prone to). Additionally, you want to switch to a fresh towel often to ensure you get the surface surgically clean! Personally, I normally recommend using 6-8 towels for this process.

Now that we’ve got our paint prepped and ready, we can start the application of BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Black Edition. Using a MicroSuede cloth and the BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator, wrap the MicroSuede around the softer base of the coating applicator and hold it in place. Apply a thin strip of BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Black Edition down the center of the MicroSuede towel. Start working the product across the surface in a 3’ by 3’ area using a crosshatch application pattern. This will provide you with a nice, even layer of the product.

Here is where the application of BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Black Edition differs from other ceramic coatings on the market. With many others you’ll see a rainbow appearance as the solvents in the product begin to evaporate. You’ll still see this with BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Black Edition, but you’ll also notice the product beings to “sweat” on the surface. This is the product flashing, indicating that it is now time to wipe away excess product. Normally this takes about 45 seconds to a minute, but the humidity in the application environment can affect that. Wipe away the excess product with a clean microfiber towel and continue to the next section. In this stage it is crucial to ensure you remove all excess product before moving on to the next section. Any leftover product will continue to cure creating a high spot.

Pro Tip – Using a swirl finder light in this stage can help you identify areas that you still have excess product. Since the product is clear, it can be hard to identify these spots with just the naked eye. A high-quality light like the Speed Master Swirl Finder Detail Light will highlight these areas and help ensure you have properly removed all excess product.

Simply continue this process around the vehicle, being mindful of the 3’ by 3’ working area and the 45-60 second flash time. Once you’ve finished, avoid exposure to water for 24-48 hours to allow the product to fully cure. Once fully cured, BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Black Edition will produce a glass-like gloss and dynamic hydrophobic activity unlike anything a wax or sealant could accomplish!

As you’ve now seen, the coating application isn’t a complex procedure, and you don’t need a degree in chemistry to apply one! The key to success with a coating installation is prep work and patience. Well, that and a high-quality product such as BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Black Edition!

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