Amazing Roll-Off Gallon Bundle

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Get your Roll-Off with the accessories!

Includes a gallon of Amazing Roll-Off, a brush, a spray bottle, and 3 microfiber towels

Mega-value bundle saves you money!

Perfect for boating!

The Amazing Roll-Off Gallon Bundle combines a gallon of the Amazing Roll-Off cleaner with a brush, spray bottle, and microfiber towels for the ultimate AMAZING bundle! You’re already saving by purchasing the gallon instead of the 32 oz. and now you can save even more by combining it with necessary accessories you’re going to need to buy anyway! The Amazing Roll-Off Gallon Bundle provides the clean and supplies – you just supply the dirty surface!

Amazing Roll-Off Gallon Bundle includes:

128 oz.Amazing Roll Off
Amazing Roll-Off is a powerful and effective multi-surface cleaner that is effectively deep cleans many surfaces of your vehicle. This is amazing product is fast, easy, and safe! It is safe on clear-coat finishes and perfect on factory painted wheels. It also cleans black stains on RVs, boats, and even roof gutters and soffits. Amazing Roll-Off is powerful and effective against brake dust and road grime on all tire types including white-walls and white letters. Canvas and convertible tops clean with ease.

36 Ounce Detail Bottle
The 36 Ounce Detail Bottle is perfect for the enthusiast or professional who purchases their detailing supplies in bulk. Constructed of extremely durable PVC, the 36 Ounce Detail Bottle can handle serious cleaners and acids. The clear construction and graduated measuring labels, in both standard and metric increments, make it easy to measure your favorite chemicals precisely. If you need to dilute your chemicals a dilution ration chart is also clearly labeled. The included heavy-duty, chemical-resistant sprayer is adjustable from a fine mist to a powerful stream.

Large Multi-Purpose Brush
Use the Large Multi-Purpose Brush for well, anything! Perfect for interior cleaning in areas that normal brushes won't fit in and exterior cleaning that requires a little more scrubbing power, the Large Multi-Purpose Brush features bristles that are strong enough to scrub but won't scratch! Use the Large Multi-Purpose Brush on plastic, metal, paint, glass, chrome, and more!

3 qty. Grey All Purpose Microfiber Towels, 16 x 16 inches
The Grey All Purpose Microfiber towel are made in China. However, they feature the same top quality fibers and construction you would find in Korean made microfiber. The Grey All Purpose Microfiber towel gives you excellent quality microfiber at incredible bulk price!

Kit includes:
128 oz.Amazing Roll Off
36 Ounce Detail Bottle
Large Multi-Purpose Brush
3 qty. Grey All Purpose Microfiber Towels, 16 x 16 inches

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