3D One - 16 oz.

Item Description:

Nano Ceramic Alumina Abrasives are used for easy correction

Can be used for amazing cutting or perfect polishing

Easy use and clean up

Can be used in shade and sun

One product to polish them all!

3D ONE is a hybrid cutting compound and finishing polish, in ONE product, that accelerates compound and polishing performance. 3D ONE has specially engineered Nano Ceramic Alumina Abrasives that easily correct heavy to light paint scratches using a DA or high-speed rotary polisher. 3D ONE is a unique water-based product, when applied on a cutting pad, 3D ONE will to remove heavy scratches, equivalent to p1500 sanding scratches. Applied on a polishing or finishing pad 3D ONE will to polish the surface and deliver an exceptional high gloss finish. 3D ONE is the ONE product that will compound and level and then polish your paint to a brilliant, showroom shine. Itís easy to use, easy to clean up and leaves the perfect finish every time. Works best when applied in shaded areas but is also sun-friendly.


To remove scratches; shake well and apply 4 to 5 dime size drops on your choice of foam pad and buff a 2í X 2í area at a time, with slow back and forth overlapping motions. Once the scratches are removed, apply 4 to 5 dime size drops of 3D ONE on a finishing pad. Polish with the same overlapping motions, keeping the pad flat to the surface. When the holograms and swirl marks are removed, wipe off residue with a clean microfiber towel to reveal TRUE 3D PAINT PERFECTION.

16 oz.

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By Brian
San Antonio , Texas
Great One-Step Polish
August 16, 2022
Rarely is a product truly easy or only require one step to obtain great results...this is one of those products. It was a bit dusty but not over the top and that could be attributed to my choice of pad. Either way, this work really well for minor - medium swirl marks and produces a nice finish
  • Truly one step for minor - medium swirl/scratches
  • Ease of use
  • Time saving
  • A bit dusty
By Fredrick
All in one
June 4, 2022
It works great for paint correction. It helped me buff out both minor and mid grade scratches and left the paint looking great! Without having to use 2 different products.
By Kevin
Sunny Florida
Very versatile product
September 25, 2021
Iím a newer user to ONE and as a hobbyist detailer Iím always looking for something thatís easy to use and works. 3D One provides a flexible level of cut depending upon the type of pad you use. The buffing time is very long, and there is no dusting whatsoever. In my case it finished down very nice and I was able to go directly to LSP.
  • Forever buffing time, no dusting, easy wipe off
  • None
By Josh E.
Vansant, Virginia
Truly a ONE of a kind profit generator
June 30, 2021
This is truly a great product! It's such an easy product to use and use effectively. Effortless removal and I've never used a product like this, that does 2 jobs just by switching from an cutting pad to a finishing pad. It eliminates a 3 step paint correction and simplifies it to ONE step. By using this you can cut out 1 to 1.5 hours of labor doing a 3 step correction and make more profit for your time. This will forever have a spot in my toolbox of must haves.
  • Really a one step, just switch pads
  • Cuts out lots of time
  • Makes paint corrections much easier
  • Profit generator
  • Ease if application and use
  • Makes a beginner have professional results
By Martin
Pflugerville, TX
Must Have
December 1, 2020
I have been using 3D One for a while and what can I say other than it is a must have product. These days you don't want to be too aggressive on newer vehicles and this product is perfect to use with almost any polishing pad.
By Javier
It works
April 28, 2020
Medium cutter and finisher
  • Low dust
By Roger
Great all in one!
September 8, 2019
This is the best one step product I have tried. No dusting and no haze.