3D 100% Knitted Lambswool Pad – 6 inch

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Item Description:

Heavy cutting for increased defect removal!

100% knitted lambswool construction

Heavy duty adhesion between foam and backing

Fast and effective defect removal

3D 100% Knitted Lambswool Pads are perfect for those details that require serious defect removal. We’re talking oxidized gel coat on boats and RV, heavy paint contamination on cars, and even metal polishing. The 100% knitted lambswool fibers provide heavy cutting power for the toughest jobs out there. Use with 3D compounds and follow with 3D foam pads for best results.

Care Instructions:
To keep your 3D 100% Knitted Lambswool Pads performing their best, be sure to thoroughly wash them after each use using a dedicated foam pad cleaner.

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