Product Application Guide - 303 Touchless Sealant

Product Application Guide - 303 Touchless SealantProduct Application Guide: 303 Touchless Sealant
By: Will C. @ Autopia | 5-2-19

Detailing is a labor of love. However, it's always a good option to have more love than labor! 303 Touchless Sealant provides a laborless solution to sealing paint! So, do you want to see how easy it is?

303 Touchless Sealant

Have you had trouble finding time to fully wax your car? 303 Touchless Sealant will save you hours! This Si02 formula is a completely TOUCHLESS quicker alternative to waxing your vehicle. Simply spray on, and rinse off Ė itís that easy! It only takes minutes to get that same water beading protection you get from a full wax, saving you hours spent in the garage. Itís also great for those looking to prolong the time in between waxes, or ceramic coatings. Safe for clear coat, gel coat, fiberglass, plastics, windshields and wheels too!

Product Application

Get started by washing your vehicle out of direct sunlight. If you need to do any paint correction, then dry the paint and proceed with the correction process needed. You will need to spray the paint again since 303 Touchless Sealant must be applied to wet paint. While the surface is wet and still out of direct sunlight, spray a small amount of product evenly across the surface.
Please note, only a small amount of product is needed. Streaking and water spots can occur if too much product is used. As you work around the vehicle, treat only a small section of the vehicle at a time and immediately rinse off with a strong jet of water. During this rinsing stage, you will see the paint start to bead water immediately!
And thatís it! You have just fully protected you paint in a fraction of the time compared to traditional wax! Just finish up by drying your vehicle thoroughly with your preferred drying towel. 303 Touchless Sealant will provide up to six months and is safe for all exterior surfaces. The modified SiO2 technology is an active ingredient in many ceramic coatings, making it a perfect product to maintain you coated vehicle!

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