3 Inch Dual Action Flexible Backing Plate

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Use the smallest pads with your DA Polisher to seek and eliminate swirl marks no matter where they hide! The Dual Action 3 Inch Flexible Backing Plate by Lake Country is built to stand up to the most extreme polishing conditions in a professional environment. These are standard issue in assembly plants around the world! With the 3 Inch Flexible Backing Plate you can mount small pads and remove swirl marks on thin creases like bumpers, under mirrors, or where ever these eyesores exist! When polishing these small areas you need to be able to focus on the task at hand. Pad's that fall off or backing plate's that break should be the least of your worries. The Lake Country Dual Action 3 Inch Flexible Backing Plate will set your mind at ease. The backing plate of a DA Random Orbital Polisher connects the power of the motor to the pad that polishes the paint. It is far more than a mount. The backing plate has to be able to withstand the rapid directional changes of a DA polisher. It has to withstand and limit the heat transfer of the polishing polishing process while transferring the polishing energy to the paint. It has to do all of this, every time, with out breaking or failing. The Dual Action Flexible Backing Plates from Lake Country are engineered to give you performance you can count on. The Dual Action 3 Inch Flexible Backing Plate is made from a muli-piece construction. A Velcro ® brand hook and loop face is attached to with polyurethane backing with a special, temperature resistant glue. The polyurethane backing reduces vibration and heat transfer. A steel plate is counter-sunk into a plastic backing and supported by steel struts. This plate holds a a 5/16" threaded screw to allow easy attachment to common DA polishers such as the Porter Cable 7424 XP, Griot's Garage 6", Griot's Garage 3", and Meguiar's G110v2. This backing plate is the rugged choice for the smallest pads. The Dual Action 3 Inch Flexible Backing Plate measures 2.875 inches and fits Hydro-Tech 3 Inch Pads, Foamed Wool 3 Inch Polishing/Buffing Pads, Griot's Garage 3 Inch Polishing Pads. 2 7/8" Diameter
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