1Z Nextzett De-Icer Spray

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Eliminate the frost on your windshield with this easy-to-use spray!

Makes removing ice and frost easy.

Makes scrapping thick ice easier.

Won't harm paint, chrome, or rubber trim.

1Z Nextzett De-Icer Spray quickly de-ices frosted windshield and wipers and makes thick ice easier to scrape off. It is formulated with special additives that prevent re-icing. 1Z Nextzett De-Icer Spray prevents filming which causes dangerous glare. It will not harm enameled paints, chrome, rubber or glass. 1Z Nextzett De-Icer Spray is free of toxic methanol found in more common brands. This amazing formula is silicone-free and suitable for plastic headlight lenses.

16.9 fl. oz.

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