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Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal

8 oz.
Item#: WG-1500   
16 oz. Refill
Item#: WG-1501   

Item Description:

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal offers Wolfgang's deep shimmering shine and legendary paint protection in an extremely easy-to-use application. Each mist of Deep Gloss Liquid Seal blankets your paint with German Super Polymers that provide incredible depth of shine and outstanding protection. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal uses advanced technology to offer effortless application with no need to buff away!

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal creates a deep, shimmering gloss on all colors
One ounce of Deep Gloss Liquid Seal is enough to protect up to 6 full size vehicles! Best of all, there's no buffing required!


Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal is a wipe-on, walk-away paint sealant that can be applied to most vehicles in under 10 minutes. Wolfgang's engineers went to great lengths to create a formula that offers all of Wolfgang's renowned attributes with no compromises. German Super Polymers impart a liquid shine that shimmers across paint. In no time, it creates the type of shine that appears to have taken all day to achieve.

The advanced Super Polymers used in Wolfgang Concours's product range are already renowned for their ability to protect your paint against acid rain damage, bird bombs, and insect residues. Each drop of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal features highly developed UV inhibitors that offer extreme protection against harmful UV radiation and sun fade.

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal is a powerful paint sealant. It can be applied as a stand alone protectant for your paint, providing Wolfgang's stunning looks, signature brilliance, and legendary protection. It can also be used to top for existing paint sealants such as Wolfgang Deep Gloss 3.0.

Always apply to properly prepared paint that has been cleaned and dried thoroughly. Inspect the paint finish by hand, ensuring a smooth feel. If contamination can be felt, use Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay to restore a smooth surface. Polish and prepare paint with appropriate Wolfgang polishes to remove oxidation or restore luster if needed.

Prime a microfiber or foam applicator pad with one mist of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal. Apply one mist of product directly to the paint panel using a sweeping motion. Lightly spread Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Crystal into a thin layer over the paint. Immediately buff-off excess to a dry, deep gloss shine. Repeat application until the entire vehicle is coated. Allow one hour for Deep Gloss Liquid Seal to cure before applying additional layers.

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Crystal is also exceptional when used on glass, trim, wheels, and brightwork!

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal even protects plastic surfaces!
Works great on exterior plastic trim!
Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal works great to protect plastic lenses
Provides superb UV protection for plastic lenses.

8 oz.