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Sonus Rim Bright Wheel Cleaner

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Sonus Rim Bright Wheel Cleaner is a pH balanced cleaner formulated to safely and gently clean all light alloy wheels including clear coated, factory painted, chrome, polished and anodized finishes. Even stubborn deposits such as heavy brake dust, oil, grease and road dirt are gently and thoroughly removed to restore your wheel’s original appearance.

Sonus Rim Bright Wheel Cleaner is not a spray on/hose off cleaner. All pH-balanced wheel cleaners require some agitation with a brush to break the bond between the brake dust and the wheel finish. Common spray-on, hose-off cleaners are acid-based solutions that will rapidly degrade or damage the finish on high-performance wheels. Sonüs Rim Bright is an effective pH-balanced cleaner specifically designed to tackle the heavy brake dusting generated by most high-performance cars.

IMPORTANT: Use only on wheels that are cool to the touch. Clean one wheel at a time. Always thoroughly rinse wheels after cleaning. Do not allow cleaner to dry.

16 oz. Spray Bottle.

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Sonus Rim Bright Wheel Cleaner