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Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom

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Item Description:

Winter's hard enough. Take the struggle out of snow removal!

Durable foam head removes snow without scratching

Built-in ice scrapper to remover built-up ice

Light weight and easy to handle

Stop struggling! One sweep of the Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom safely removes any type of snow from just about any automotive finish. The Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom's durable, non-abrasive foam head pushes snow off of cars without damaging glass. The tail side of the handle features a built-in ice scrapper that removes ice build-up on windshields. The Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom is light weight and extends in length, making it easy to remove snow from any sized vehicle!

The Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom doesn't use abrasive nylon bristles that scratch paint and struggle against heavy snow. Instead, the Snow Joe uses a thick, durable foam that allows you to push snow off the paint and glass without scratching. The head of the Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom is 15-inches wide, making it ideal for any size and shape of vehicle. Should you encounter vision-hindering ice on your windshield, simply flip the Snow Joe around and use the built-in ice scraper.

It's not just removing snow that the Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom excels at. By using the latest in material technology, the Snow Joe is super light weight. In fact, it weights just 1.2 pounds! With a telescoping handle, that ranges from 30” to 49” in length, the Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom is the must have tool for users of any size on vehicles of any size. When you are done, simply detach the handle and clip it to the head for easy storage.

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Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom
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