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Rupes Swirl Finder Pen Light

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Not only is the Rupes Swirl Finder Light Pen one of the most effective ways to inspect your paint for defects, it is also the most convenient. This lightweight, pen-sized inspection light packs 140 lumen in it's anodized red body. Rupes engineered the Swirl Finder Light Pen from the ground up to produce a tool designed for one purpose: finding every type of paint defect on any color paint, so you can remove them.

Use the Rupes Swirl Finder Light Pen to find swirl marks, scratches, acid rain marks and more on any color paint. Halogen spot lamps tend to shine with a warm color. While they work on dark colors, the warm hue fails to reflect on reds, oranges and yellows making them ineffective. The Rupes Swirl Finder Light Pen was engineered to produce a pure white light so that you can see defects on all colors.

The high-intensity Rupes Swirl Finder Light Pen does an excellent job of locating isolated defects as well as swirl marks. Inspection lights with a large lens expose defects away from the light source, where as the adjustable-focus Rupes Swirl Finder Light Pen will highlight defects in the smallest areas. Simply push the cap switch to fire up the Rupes Swirl Finder Light Pen and expose paint defects.

Like all Rupes tools, the Swirl Finder Light Pen has been designed, from the ground up, to make your polishing experience easier. This lightweight pen feature clip so you can secure it in a shirt or pant pocket. An adjustable focus allows you to inspect from any distance with precision. Let Rupes light the way towards paint perfection with the Rupes Swirl Finder Light Pen.

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Rupes Swirl Finder Pen Light