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Porter Cable 7424XP & CCS Pad Kit Choose Your Pads!

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Item Description:

The Porter Cable 7424XP & CCS Pad Kit is the best starter kit for new detailers or those who are new to machine polishing! This money-saving kit includes the Porter Cable 7424XP dual action polisher, an assortment of popular pads, microfiber towels, and pad care products. The pads in this kit can be used to apply fine polishes, prewax cleaners, waxes, paint sealants, and glazes.

This kit includes Lake Country CCS Foam Pads. Choose any five pads from the menus at the bottom of the page.

Porter Cable 7424XP Variable Speed Polisher
The Porter Cable 7424XP Dual Action Polisher is a beefed up, more powerful version of our most popular dual action polisher. The Porter Cable 7424XP Dual Action Polisher has all the user-friendly features of the original Porter Cable 7424XP, but a 4.5 amp motor enables enhanced performance and durability. The Porter Cable 7424XP Dual Action Polisher operates from 2,500 OPM to 6,800 OPM to provide a faster removal rate. The 7424XP features all ball and roller bearing construction with spiral/bevel gears and an improved switch design. The buffer accepts a 5/16-24 spindle thread. The pad diameter is 6 inches. The polisher includes a wrench, side handle, polishing pad, and a operating manual.

Dual Action 5 Inch HD Hook & Loop Backing Plate
Constructed of flexible urethane, this 5 inch backing plate has hook and loop material permanently secured from edge to edge. A recessed edge protects the paint from impact and the post is made of durable stainless steel. The 5/16 inch thread fits any dual action polisher with a corresponding thread. A 5 inch backing plate is recommended for 6.5 inch pads in order to provide a generous margin of error. Should you tilt the polisher or cut in too close to mirrors, the backing plate will not strike the paint. 

2 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloths (16 x 16 inches) 
These versatile microfiber towels are great for any variety of detailing tasks, from general washing and scrubbing off road contaminants, to applying and buffing off wax and all-in-one protectants. All the Cobra Detailing Cloths boast an 80/20 polyester/polyamide blend in a special “feather” weave that increases their absorption properties, guaranteeing high performance and durability.

12 oz. Pinnacle XMT Polishing Foam Pad Cleaner
Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad Cleaner contains a degreasing agent that breaks up oil and eliminates every last trace of residue. Soap (as in dish soap) can leave a residue of its own, so there is no soap in this cleaner. Intense cleaners and degreasers break up oily deposits left by car care products so the pad rinses completely clean. This pad cleaner is ready to use in a convenient pump spray bottle.

12 oz. Pinnacle XMT Polishing Foam Pad Conditioner
Prevention of dry buffing is as easy as misting an unused pad with Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner. It only takes a couple of spritzes to prep the pad for polishing. The rich lubricants instantly penetrate the pad, softening and conditioning the material. Even if the pad has never been used, it will glide across the paint like you’re halfway through the detail session.

Choose 5 pads from the following options:

Yellow Cutting Foams 6.5"- Use this pad to apply compounds or polishes to remove severe oxidation, swirls, and scratches. It is the most aggressive and should only be used on oxidized and older finishes. Always follow this pad with an orange or white pad and a fine polish to refine the paint until it is smooth.

Orange Light Cutting Foam 6.5"- Firm, high density foam for scratch and defect removal. Use this pad with polishes and swirl removers. It’s an all around pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections.

Pink Cutting/Polishing Foam 6.5"- This foam is of medium density with the ability to level very fine scratches and very light oxidation. Use light swirl removers with this pad. Coarse Green has been replaced with Pink

White Polishing Foam 6.5"- Less dense foam formula for the application of waxes, micro-fine polishes and sealants. This pad has very light cutting power so its perfect for pre-wax cleaners.

Green Polishing/Finishing Foam 6.5" - Use this foam to apply one-step cleaner waxes. It is a balance of polishing and finishing that is perfect for all-in-one product application.

Gray Finishing Foam 6.5" - Composition is firm enough to withstand added pressure during final finishing to remove buffer swirls. It has no cut and will apply thin, even coats of waxes, sealants, and glazes.

Blue Finessing Foam 6.5”  – This blue foam pad has soft composition for applying glaze, finishing polish, sealants, and liquid waxes. The soft pad has no cut, making it perfect for applying nonabrasive products evenly.

CCS Red Ultrasoft Wax/Sealant Foam 6.5" - This soft, imported foam is ideal for applying the final coat of wax or sealant. The foam works especially well when applying liquid waxes or sealants because it is firm enough to keep the majority of the product on the paint, rather than soaking it up. The red foam has no cut or cleaning ability.

CCS Super Soft Gold Jewelling Foam Pad 6.5" - The CCS Super Soft Gold Jewelling Pad is made of Lake Country's softest foam. Use the gold pad to apply a very fine polish or glaze as the final step of the polishing process. Jewelling is the term coined for this step because it intensifies gloss and reflectivity, like a jewel. The gold foam pad also works well for wax and sealant application.

Pads manufactured by Lake Country.

Kit includes:
Porter Cable 7424XP Polisher with wrench and counterweight
5 Inch Backing Plate
2 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloths (16 x 16 inches)
12 oz. Pinnacle XMT Polishing Foam Pad Cleaner
12 oz. Pinnacle XMT Polishing Foam Pad Conditioner
5 Lake Country CCS Pads of Your Choice!

A total retail value of $258.56. Save $48.56!

Additional discounts are not applicable on this item.
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Upgrade to the Heavy-Duty model 7424xp!

The HD model has a heavy-duty 16 gauge, 25 foot power cord hardwired into the polisher. The longer cord is more convenient than an extension cord and it is gauged to deliver maximum power to the polisher for safe, efficient operation. The standard cord is 11.5 ft. Select the HD model from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

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Product Reviews

Porter Cable 7424XP & CCS Pad Kit Choose Your Pads!
5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Newburgh, IN
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

When you want the best paint
October 3, 2014
I have been using a orbital buffer for years but was hesitant to spend the money for the Porter Cable 7424xp. After using it for the last couple weeks I wish I would have bought one years ago. It is truly the best and fastest way to a show car finish.
East of use and great results
Nothing really, just the price of the buffer and pads.

Mammoth Lakes CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent combo
April 9, 2014
These items worked great. If you have an RV this makes maintaining your exterior easy.
Ease of use
That I didn't buy it sooner.

Beaver Falls Pa.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Porter Cable 7424XP w/CCS pad kit
August 21, 2013
Porter cable polisher much better Han expected at a reasonable price. The buffing pads kit was great too. I have a 65 pick-up and a 61 Willys wagon. I thought they shined before, but now they really sparkle.
Easy to use, great results

Fayetteville, North Carolina
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Porter Cable 7424XP & CCS Pad Kit
May 7, 2013
After watching a gentlemen on youtube buff a car from I was intrigued by the ease of use and the difference in made in the cars appearance. I thought this guy is a professional and it wouldn't likely be this easy. I did some internet research on the Porter Cable 7424XP buffer which returned positive results and placed my order. Once the CCS pad kit with the Porter Cable 7424 XP arrived I couldn't wait to try it out. I watched the DVD included with the kit and began to try the buffer out on my classic cars swirl marked black paint. The buffer really lived up to its reputation and was very easy to use. I found the video technique and the DVD to be helpful, the foam pads were quick to switch out and the buffer worked flawlessly removing swirl marks as advertised. My car looked geat for the car show I attended that weekend. I highly recommend a Porter Cable buffer, CCS pads and Mequier's products for a total package that won't disappoint. The only drawback I had is once people find out you have a professional quality buffer they'll either want to borrow it or ask for your assistance in making their vehicle looks as good as yours.
Instructional DVD was very helpful, the buffer felt as if it was professional grade quality. The CCs pads were easy to change and worked great.
Nothing, the product worked as advertised and I feel confident in using it on any vehicle.

Socialist Republic of Kalifornia
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Porter Cable Polisher
March 3, 2012
Good price for polisher and assorted pads. Quality Porter Cable, will probably last the rest of my life. Lays down wax and polish like a hobo on a ham sandwich.
Could be lighter, but might compromise durability.