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Menzerna Power Gloss Compound PG 1000 8 oz.

8 oz.
Item#: MEN-POS34AP   
Sale price: $14.99
32 oz.
Item#: MEN-POS34AQ   
Sale price: $23.99
128 oz.
Item#: MEN-POS34AG   

Item Description:

The Power compound that finishes with Gloss!

Uses clustered aluminum oxide to terminate deep imperfections quickly.

Removes up to 1200 grit sanding marks on fresh paint.

Can be used with a dual-action orbital or rotary polisher.

Menzerna POS34a Power Gloss Compound uses aggressive clustered aluminum oxide abrasives to terminate 1200-1500 grit sanding scratches, acid rain damage, water spots, and isolated scratches with ease. As the clustered oxide abrasive break down they act to polish the paint to a higher gloss then typically achieved with other compounds.

Menzerna Power Gloss Compound removes heavy scratches and swirl marks
Use Power Gloss with a heavy cutting foam or wool pad on a rotary or dual action polisher to remove deeper scratches and other paint defects.
Body shops have come to rely on Menzerna POS34a Power Gloss to speed up the buffing process while improving the paint quality of the finished vehicle. Efficiency is further enhanced due to reduced dusting (for a compound) and minimal slinging reducing clean up time considerably. Power Gloss will safely restore the luster on aged; weather worn and oxidized paint and clear coat. Scratches and heavy swirl marks are eliminated and not hidden since there are no fillers in the formulation. The high concentration of finely milled diminishing size aluminum oxide powder work perfectly with either a wool or foam compounding pad.

Use Menzerna POS34a Power Gloss Compound to remove heavy scratches, wet sanding marks, and acid rain blemishes quickly. While this compound produces a nice finish for a compound, resulting swirl marks will require 1-2 additional polishing steps for a flawless finish. Recommended for use with a rotary polisher and your choice of wool or cutting foam pads. Note: Can be used with a random orbital polisher although some visible hazing of the paint will occur.

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Menzerna Power Gloss Compound PG 1000 8 oz.