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Menzerna Polishing Cream Metal Polish

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Item Description:

Menzerna Polishing Cream Metal Polish is a fine polish designed to remove light defects and burnish metal to a high gloss shine. Menzerna of Germany is world famous for their abrasive technology in the automotive, paint, plastic, wood, and metal industries. We are proud to carry Menzerna Polishing Cream Metal Polish at

Use Menzerna Polishing Cream Metal Polish to remove light defects, tarnish, oxidation, or haze from metal surfaces. Apply a small amount of product to a foam applicator pad and rub into the surface until the product is nearly transparent then wipe clean with a soft microfiber cloth. If heavier correction is needed use Blackfire's Aluminum Polishing System.

4.40 oz. (125 g.)

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Menzerna Polishing Cream Metal Polish