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Foamed Wool 4 x 1 inch Buffing & Polishing Pad

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Item Description:

Isolated and hard-to-reach defects don't stand a chance!

  • 4 inch pad for spot polishing
  • Patented foam process creates a finer finish
  • Hook and loop backing for fast pad changes


These small Lake Country Foamed Wool Polishing & Buffing Pads may change the way you look at spot polishing forever! These unique wool pads are capable of removing heavy paint defects quickly from small areas quickly! Defects such as scratches, deep swirl marks, oxidation, water etching, and oxidized paint will be eliminated quickly. One major advantage of the Foamed Wool 4 Inch Purple Polishing & Buffing Pad is that it will leave a high-gloss finish that has minimal buffer swirl.

The Lake Country Foamed Wool Polishing & Buffing Pad starts with Lake Country's fine lambswool fibers for a high-level of cut. A patented process encapsulates the base of the wool fibers in microscopic polyfoam particles. This gives the Foamed Wool Pad a dense and thick feeling. A lot of buffer swirls are created when traditional wool pad fibers lay flat as a result of polishing. The added density of the foaming process allows the Foamed Wool Pads to stand up straight, increasing cut and reducing buffer swirl!

Many wool pads loose a lot of their polishing and cutting ability when used on orbital style polishers. This is even more true of smaller, spot buffing pads because more pressure is focused on a smaller area.  The Foamed Wool 4 Inch Purple Polishing & Buffing Pad does not! Because the fibers stand more-upright, even under pressure, maximum results are achieved regardless of the machine type. You can use with either a 2.7-5 Inch Hook & Loop Rotary Backing Plate or a Dual Action Hook & Loop Flexible 3.5 Inch Backing Plate depending on pad choice.

To keep your  Foamed Wool 4 Inch Purple Polishing & Buffing Pad operating its best, clean with a nylon Pad Reconditioning Brush after each section. When you are done buffing wash your pad using BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Cleaner and spin dry.

The  Foamed Wool 4 Inch Purple Polishing & Buffing Pad measure 4 inches in diameter and is 1 inch thick.

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Foamed Wool 4 x 1 inch Buffing & Polishing Pad