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Duragloss Marine & RV Detail Spray #521

22 oz.
Item#: DG-521   
128 oz. refill
Item#: DG-522   

Item Description:

Cleans oil, film, soil, and water lines in minutes.

Specially formulated to clean tough conditions.

Shines and adds protection as it cleans.

Reinforces existing protection.

Duragloss Marine & RV Detail Spray #521 is a uniquely formulated detail spray designed to combat the problems that watercraft and RVs face. This powerful detail spray cleans water spots, dust, dirt, oil, film, soiling, and water lines quickly and effectively. Duragloss Marin & RV Detail Spray also leaves behind a protect sealant barrier to increase gloss and add valuable protection. Spend more time enjoying your recreational investment while keeping it looking its best with Duragloss Marine & RV Detail Spray.

22 oz. trigger spray

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Duragloss Marine & RV Detail Spray #521