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DP Car Care Products

DP Car Care Products Detailerís Pro Series is the latest evolution of Detailerís Pride Car Care Products.

A lot has changed since Detailerís Pride originally launched in 1997. Today, auto surface care has evolved to keep up with changes in auto paints and other materials, changes in industry regulations, and discoveries in the science of car care.

To stay on the leading edge of car care, Detailerís Pride, more recently known as DP, has transformed again into Detailerís Pro Series. New name, same outstanding performance and value.

All Detailerís Pro Series products are made in the USA using the latest innovations in surface care from around the world. Every product has been assessed by real detailers in real situations. We analyzed Detailerís Pro Series down to the finest detail to make sure these products will accomplish three goals: save you time, save you money, and deliver excellent results.

Detailerís Pro Series continues to represent a high standard in auto care that auto enthusiasts, professionals, and do-it-yourself detailers can appreciate. Bring the detail shop home with Detailerís Pro Series professional car care products.
DP Wash Bucket Gift Pack
Regular price: $164.87
Sale price: $119.99
DP 8 Gallon 2.5 Peak HP Wet/Dry Auto Detailing Vacuum
Regular price: $250.00
Sale price: $199.99
(1 Review)
DP Car Care Handbook
Regular price: $5.99
Sale price: $0.00
DP Max Wax Carnauba Wax
(7 Reviews)
DP Pro Series Aerosol 3-Pack - <font color=blue>Your Choice!</font>
Regular price: $32.97
Sale price: $19.99
(2 Reviews)
DP Paint Coating
(3 Reviews)
DP Coating Prep Polish
(3 Reviews)
DP Gloss Tire Gel
(4 Reviews)
DP Wheel Glaze
(4 Reviews)
DP Microfiber Cleaner
Avaible in 32 oz & 1 Gallon
(4 Reviews)
DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator  16 oz.
$24.99, 2/$39.99
(5 Reviews)
DP Speedy Surface Prep Towel Combo - Fine Grade
Regular price: $74.98
Sale price: $64.99
(2 Reviews)
Detailer's Max Wax Combo
Regular price: $44.99
Sale price: $29.25
DP Krystal Vision Glass Kit
Regular price: $90.95
Sale price: $69.99
DP Paint, Wheel & Glass Coating Complete Kit
Regular price: $177.90
Sale price: $119.99
DP Wheel Special
(1 Review)
DP Tire Coating Kit
Regular price: $79.92
Sale price: $59.99
DP Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP Kit
Regular price: $119.99
Sale price: $89.99
DP Detail Bag
(1 Review)
DP Essentials Kit
Regular price: $127.93
Sale price: $69.99