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Black Wow

Black Wow Black WOW was the creation of detailer Richard Lin, who was unhappy with the performance of trim dressings when applied to his beloved Mini Cooper. Together with his father, a well respected chemist, they created a dressing that is extremely long lasting and has a remarkably dark look to it. The name seemed natural: Black WOW. Black WOW is not a dye, but a super powerful dressing that restores trim and gives it a natural, rich finish. Any vehicle with dark trim will benefit from Black WOW’s incredible performance.
Black WOW Exterior Trim Restorer w/ Applicators
$29.99, 2/$49.99
(3 Reviews)
Black WOW Trim Restorer 2 oz.
(3 Reviews)
Pre-WOW Pre-Cleaner by Black WOW
(2 Reviews)
Black WOW Prepare to be WOWed Kit - 2 oz.
Regular price: $51.93
Sale price: $24.99
Black WOW Prepare to be WOWed Kit - 4 oz.
Regular price: $60.93
Sale price: $29.99
(1 Review)

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