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BLACKFIRE Total Trim & Tire Sealant 8 oz.

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Item Description:

Restore and protect your vehicle’s trim and tires with BLACKFIRE!

Thick, gel-like formula penetrates for maximum restoration and protection.

Dries completely without any greasy, sticky residue.

Lasts for months, even in wet conditions.

Most of the vehicles on the road today share one thing in common: exterior trim that looks great at the dealership, but slowly fades to an unsightly gray. BLACKFIRE Total Trim & Tire Sealant makes dull trim a thing of the past with its thick, penetrating formula. That’s right, this unique formulation will actually penetrate the pores in your vehicle’s plastic, rubber, and vinyl exterior trim making it look as good as new!

BLACKFIRE Total Trim & Tire Sealant is designed with the user in mind. It’s more than a trim dressing, it also restores and protects at a molecular level. When applied to your vehicle’s trim pieces and tires, BLACKFIRE Total Trim & Tire Sealant creates a strong molecular bond that not only restores the look of the surface, but also provides months of durable protection. Just like your favorite wax, BLACKFIRE Total Trim & Tire Sealant seals out water causing it to bead up and roll away.

While some trim restorers leave behind a sticky, greasy mess, BLACKFIRE Total Trim & Tire Sealant brings back the factory look of surfaces. Since it dries to the touch, BLACKFIRE Total Trim & Tire Sealant can be used on moldings, bumpers, air vents, wiper cowls, louvers, wiper arms, side mirror housings, mud guards, bed rails, door handles, and more. The formula’s UV inhibitors will prevent sun damage, keeping the surface looking new for longer.

BLACKFIRE Total Trim and Tire Sealant restores exterior trim of any color
Restores, protects, and renews exterior trim of any color. Check out the plastic bumper on this Honda Element. The top has been restored; the bottom is dull and faded.
BLACKFIRE Total Trim & Tire Sealant does not contain any dyes or colorants, just a polymer-based blend of unmatched protection for your trim. The surfaces will look and feel like the day you drove off the dealership’s lot and you won’t have to worry about streaking or dripping when the car gets wet. Since the formula is thick and gel-like, BLACKFIRE Total Trim & Tire Sealant is very easy to apply—it spreads evenly and dries completely!

Directions: To use BLACKFIRE Total Trim & Tire Sealant on smooth, hard surfaces simply apply it to the surface and then buff it dry with a clean microfiber towel. When applying to tires, simply spread an even coat over the surface and allow 20 minutes between any additional coats. Multiple coats will add gloss to the tires appearance.

8 oz.

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BLACKFIRE Total Trim & Tire Sealant 8 oz.