WOWO'S Interior Cleaner

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QUALITY “CLEAN-IT-ALL” PRODUCT: Wowo’s INTERIOR CLEANER Can Be Used On All Interior Surfaces Including Carpets, Fabric Seats, Plastics, Leather, LCD Displays And More!

SUBLTE SCENT & POWERFUL RESULTS: Provides Professional, Deep Cleaning Power Against Dirt And Stains While Leaving A Pleasant Scent Behind

LATHER IT UP: Creates A Foamy, Effective Lather With Brush Agitation

DELIVERS A CLEAN MATTE LOOK AND FEEL: Leaves NO Residue Or Greasy Feel Behind

Wowo’s INTERIOR CLEANER does exactly what it says with excellent results! It’s a one stop, “Do-It-All” cleaner that can be used on every part of your vehicle’s interior. Simply spray on a surface and wipe off with a quality Microfiber towel. For deeper stains or stubborn dirt, spray the affected area and use a brush to agitate before wiping with a Microfiber towel. From Carpets to Plastics, the result will end in a clean, fresh look. Wowo’s INTERIOR CLEANER contains no additives or UV protectants so we highly recommend following-up with Wowo’s INTERIOR FINISHER for all your hard surfaces! Now, stop reading and get to cleaning!


  • Give the bottle a good shake
  • Interior Clean can be used in various ways, from cleaning your dash and plastics to light stain removal from your seats and head liner
  • Spray liberally onto the affected area and in with a high quality Microfiber towel or dedicated interior brush
  • Remove excess and residue with a clean Microfiber towel
  • Repeat if necessary on stubborn stains when you've really made a mess of your interior. Tut Tut.

500 ml. or 16.9 oz.

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