Original Formula Wenol (red) 40 oz.can

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The original formula enthusiasts have come to love!

Quickly restores a mirror-like finish to metal surfaces.

Easy to use.

A little bit goes a long way.

Original Formula Wenol (red tube) is a cleaning and restoration polish best suited for unpolished, neglected or heavility oxidized surfaces. Use it on chrome, aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel or any other metal to quickly remove stubborn stains, surface rust, oxidation and discoloration. It works great as an initial polish to create hand polished bright work in your engine compartment.

Follow Original Wenol with Auto Wenol (blue tube) to create a high luster, show car quality finish that resists corrosion and water spotting for months. Ultra-fine Auto Wenol is the safest polish to use on polished alloy rims (without a clear coat) and delicate gold or chrome plated automotive trim. Auto Wenol's unique formula brightens all metals without cutting.

40 oz. can

Original Wenol

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