The Belt - An Auto Detailing Organizer

The Belt - An Auto Detailing Organizer The Belt is an innovative auto detailing organizer that helps you keep all of your essentials close at hand during details. This time-saving detailing accessory has been carefully designed to make working around your vehicle a more efficient experience, without any added risk of accidental marring or scratching. The Belt is fully configurable to meet your detailing needs, easily organizing bottles, towels, small tools, buffing pads and more, keeping all of your most used items within reach!

Itís all too easy to set down your polish, get distracted, and then wonder where your polish (or quick detailer, or pad brush, orÖ) went. Aside from being annoying, it saps efficiency, slowing you down and interrupting the rhythm of the detail. Whether detailing is your passion, your profession, or just another item on your to-do list, youíve probably wondered how the "other guys" keep organized. That question can be answered in just two words: The Belt.

The Belt is an incredible organization tool that professional detailers everywhere have already discovered! Featuring several pockets that can accommodate bottles from 8 Ė 32 ounces, along with a cord wrangler loop, lightweight and machine washable fabric, and a belt that expands up to 43 inches, the Belt is a must have addition to your detailing tool arsenal. If youíre concerned about buckles, donít be! The Belt has no plastic or metal buckles that can scratch paint, and the fabric, though durable, is soft enough to use in close proximity to delicate paint.

Machine Washable