SONAX Autobahn Wheel & Tire Kit

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The SONAX Autobahn Wheel & Tire Kit could be the best investment in wheel and tire care that you’ll ever make! This all-inclusive kit features the wheel cleaning power of SONAX Wheel Cleaner, the protection of SONAX Rim Shield, and SONAX Tire Gloss Gel to put the final touch on tires. These three products take the guesswork out of wheel cleaning and maintenance, and the SONAX Autobahn Wheel & Tire Kit even includes a few towels and applicators along with the Famous Detailing Brush so you can clean and protect every inch of your wheels!

The SONAX Autobahn Wheel & Tire Kit Includes:

Sonax Rim Shield SONAX Rim Shield
SONAX Rim Shield is an innovative polymer-based protectant spray that helps lock out brake dust and other harmful contaminants from wheels with a simple spritz. This smooth, slick formula allows contaminants to slide off the rim with a simple soap and water wash, helping reduce the time you need to spend cleaning wheels. SONAX Rim Shield helps repel road grime, brake dust, dirt, and oil to keep rims looking like new!
SONAX Tire Gloss Gel SONAX Tire Gloss Gel
SONAX Tire Gloss is not a tire dressing, but a rubber cleaner that penetrates and revives the rubber particles of your tires. SONAX Tire Gloss is fortified with specially engineered silicone which achieves an intense, semi-gloss, show room shine. Unlike many semi-gloss dressings that fade days after application, SONAX will retain a “just applied” appearance for several weeks, even when exposed to wet conditions!
SONAX Wheel Cleaner SONAX Wheel Cleaner
SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect is a highly effective, acid-free special cleaner for all types of steel and light alloy wheels. It easily removes even the most stubborn dirt, such as burnt-on brake dust, oil and rubber residue and other road dirt from all types of steel and alloy wheels. SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect contains no acids.

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect is green right out of the bottle but turns purple-red as it penetrates dirt and grime. When necessary, use a soft bristled wheel brush to agitate the wheel. Rinse well.
Famous Detailing Brush Famous Detailing Brush
Use the Famous Detailing Brush once and you’ll wonder how you ever detailed your vehicle without it. This functional brush excels for every detailing task, including wheel cleaning, interior dusting, wax removal from emblems, and anything else you can think of. The top-quality construction means the brush will last several years, even when used regularly with high-octane wheel cleaners.
Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel, 2 Pack
The high quality premium microfiber towels are suitable for even the most delicate surfaces, but color coordinated to care for your wheels and other messy jobs. The black microfiber pile will not show stains. Use the All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towels to wash, dry, polish, and buff residue from wheels, wheel wells, engines, or other areas with the same care as you do your paint.
Flex Foam Tire Dressing ApplicatorFlex Foam Tire Dressing Applicator Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators, 2 Pack
Less mess is the goal when it comes to applying tire dressings. Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators feature Flex Foam Technology which hugs the curve of the rubber to apply an even coat of tire dressing with no drips or pooling. Each applicator is 5 x 2 inches. The open-cell, gray foam absorbs excess tire dressing to prevent drips and pooling around letters. However, the foam has very small, dense cells to keep the tire dressing near the surface, rather than soaking entirely into the foam. Flex Foam’s density reduces product waste and provides even, thin coverage of tire dressings. The foam is indented on each side to provide a place to grip the pad.
Flex Foam Finger Pockets Flex Foam Finger Pockets, 2 Pack
Flex Foam Finger Pockets are soft, dense foam pockets that fit over your fingers for easy and efficient cleaning. One pocket fits snugly over three or four fingers, depending on how large your hand is. You get the maneuverability of using your own hand as a cleaning tool along with the polishing capability of quality foam. Plus, your fingers are cushioned against potentially sharp edges while you work.

Kit includes:
400 ml. SONAX Rim Shield
500 ml. SONAX Tire Gloss Gel
16.9 oz. SONAX Wheel Cleaner
Famous Detailing Brush
Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel, 3 Pack
Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators, 2 Pack
Flex Foam Finger Pockets, 2 Pack

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