Polish Angel V Carnauba Wax

Polish Angel V Carnauba WaxDiscontinued

Polish Angel V Carnauba Wax was created for the car care enthusiast that wants the very best in a carnauba wax. One look at the octagonal wooden box with gold-tone metal accents and inlaid Polish Angel emblem, and youll get an idea of the quality of the wax that lies within. Open the lid of the box to reveal the pure black glass jar with embedded Swarovski crystal embellishment, and youll start to feel your excitement build. Once you regain enough composure to open the jar and apply a coat of Polish Angel V Carnauba Wax to your vehicle, youll understand what makes this wax so special.

Polish Angel V Carnauba Wax is made up of 75% carnauba wax by volume. Only the finest blend of high-grade white and yellow carnauba flakes are chosen for use in V. The carnauba is carefully blended with the finest ingredients to create a carnauba wax unlike any other. The longevity, warm glow, depth, and clarity that Polish Angel V Carnauba Wax provides your paintwork will amaze you.

Polish Angel V Carnauba Wax is made in Germany in small batches to ensure the utmost in quality control. Only the finest ingredients from around the world are used in its production. One look at the packaging and youll understand the incredible attention to detail that goes into each jar of Polish Angel V Carnauba Wax. The oak box with gold-toned accents, the engraved plaque adorning the front, the fine satin lining, the felt padding, and of course the crown of Swarovski crystals are all indicators of the quality that sits inside every jar. Polish Angel V Carnauba Wax will blanket your vehicle in a warm carnauba glow, and then sparkle on your detailing shelf until the next application.

Note:The manufacturer recommends storing Polish Angel V Carnauba Wax at approximately 46Farenheit, and allowing it to sit at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours prior to application.

150 ml.

For Quality Reasons this product is produced to order and can cause delays up to 10 days. As this item is hand mixed per order, no returns or refunds are available on this product.