Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo

Polish Angel Glasscoat ShampooDiscontinued

GLISSANTE SHAMPOO is an intense, oily and gentle shampoo that protects the sealing layer of the vehicle. We've developed a special polymer composition which discards impurities in the water (effectively softening it) during the wash process. An additional feature of the the specialized polymers and carnauba gel paste in GLISSANTE is that it removes 90% of water from the vehicle's surface as you wash (works to sheet water off and bead). When combining this with the water softening agent, GLISSANTE will reduce the chance of water spotting during the wash and making the rinse phase fast and easy


  • Rinse dirt and debris from vehicle
  • Mix 1oz (30ml) of GLISSANTE SHAMPOO in a wash bucket per 2-3 gallons of warm water
  • Using the 2 bucket method, wash the vehicle from top to bottom.
  • Rinse off remaining product
  • Dry

200 ml.