Polish Angel Cristal Clear Kit

Polish Angel Cristal Clear Kit Discontinued

Kit Includes:

Polish Angel Cristal 50ml. - Polish Angel Cristal is for polishing defects such as silicon molds, burns, streaks, wax residues, weathering and used for cleaning or to remove mild to severe scratches from glass and plastic surfaces.

Use before Polish Angel Rain 9H to form full hardness.

Polish Angel Rain 9H 50ml. - Polish Angel Rain 9H is a highly concentrated glass sealant made from the most durable components. A winning blend of polymers and ceramics connect permanently to the glass surface and cause a long-lasting transparent protective seal. Completely compatible with all detergents and antifreeze. The visibility in rain and from moisture will be greatly increased reducing the risk of accidents.


Polish glass with CRISTAL to ensure full hardness Shake well before use Make sure surface in clean, dry and grease free Apply in small overlapping circular with applicator pad provided Buff any left over residue with polishing cloth provided Apply a second layer after 30 minutes. Keep dry for 10 hours after application **Apply 2-3 layers for maximum protection & performance**