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Leather Master for Motorcycles Kit - 100 ml.

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Item Description:

Designed to keep your ride looking as good as it runs.

Perfect size Leather Master products for your motorcycle.

Keep seats, saddle bags, and trim looking its best.

Small, easy-to-transport bottles allow you to take your leather care with you.

Polished chrome? Check. Flawless paint? Roger. Well protected leather? Motorcycles require as much cosmetic upkeep as a car and in some cases more. Keep your motorcycle leather looking its best with the Leather Master for Motorcycle Kit. Saddle bags, tank straps, seats, and trim pieces need regular cleaning and maintainer to remain soft, supple, and keep looking great.

The Leather Master for Motorcycle Kit includes Leather Master's excellent Leather Soft Cleaner and Leather Protection Cream in convenient and easy to store sizes. You can take your leather care with you, which ever direction the road winds.

Kit includes:

100 ml. Leather Soft Cleaner
Use Leather Master Soft Cleaner for light maintenance cleaning as often as needed. Leather Soft Cleaner is a water-based cleaner that can be used on Leather types A and P. Leather Masters Leather Soft Cleaner is a mild cleaner that will not affect the original properties or finish of the leather. Leather Masters Leather Soft Cleaner will clean soiled as well as water-based stains. Most cleaners contain solvents like alcohol or mineral spirits. These types of cleaners will definitely clean, but also will attack either the finish or dry the leather out.

100 ml. Leather Protection Cream
The Protection Cream places an invisible, breathable barrier between you and your leather. Our system is based on leather protection first, followed by a routine of cleaning and re-protection. With this method, you are not actually cleaning the Leather's original surface but cleaning from the surface of the protection coating. Since some leathers are very porous, the Protection Cream prevents stains from absorbing deep into the leather and becoming nearly impossible to easily remove.

Keep your riding in style with the Leather Master for Motorcycle Kit.

100 ml. Leather Master Leather Soft Cleaner
100 ml. Leather Master Protection Cream

For aniline and protected leathers.

Made in Italy.

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Leather Master for Motorcycles Kit - 100 ml.