Meguiars Mirror Bright Collection

Meguiars Mirror Bright CollectionWhen the Mirror Bright Polish Company was founded by Frank Meguiar, Jr. in 1901, the formulas were simple, bottles were glass, the caps were metal, and the automobile was brand new. For over 110 years, Meguiars has been creating some of the most advanced, well known, and most trusted car care products available. The Meguiars Mirror Bright Collection aims at a return to the roots of the Meguiars Company with simple and effective formulas for nearly every aspect of your detailing routine.

The Meguiars Mirror Bright Collection features several distinct vintage-style products that include all of the features that your modern vehicle requires. From Automobile Shampoo, Polishing Wax, Detailing Spray, Leather Lotion, and Wheel Cleaner, the Meguiars Mirror Bright Collection simplifies your detailing routine without diminishing results. One thing’s for sure in the detailing world: Meguiars is here to stay and Mirror Bright Collection offers a simple, nostalgic, and effective approach to car care.